Product Line


A hand held UV lamp

Uses a (long wave) 4 watt fluorescent UV bulb. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Used for viewing identification marks made with UV fluorescent powders, sprays, markers and inks.


Providing instant positive identification

Millions of dollars of personal property are stolen every day. Most of these items are recovered by the authorities but cannot be returned to the rightful owner due to the lack of identification.

The (Ultra Violet) UV Security Marker easily marks on many items including: paper currency & coins, tickets, passes, coupons, paper, plastic, leather, fur, canvas, glass figurines, collectibles, computer equipment, video & audio equipment, books and many other porous and non-porous materials.Can only be viewed under a (long wave) UV lamp.


We offer a variety of high powered magnifiers and loupes, to clearly view micro printing found on banknotes, cheques, and other negotiable documents.

Most magnifiers are small and lightweight and fold for easy use. Others have build-in illumination (not all models are shown here).


Used primarily in situations where the suspect is assumed unknown. Assists to establish a suspect for the purpose of an arrest.

How it works – When contact with the object is made a transfer occurs that will result in a colour stain instantly upon contact with moisture, such as perspiration, condensation, water or saliva. Colour stain can remain on hands for several days.

Can be used in crimes such as petty theft, cash box & safe tampering, illegal drug transactions, fire alarm boxes, alarmed exit doors, tampered documents, warehouse and stockroom theft, industrial and construction sight thefts.


Detection (fluorescent) UV powder

Can be used on porous or non porous surfaces. Extreme fine particle powder blends on almost any object and can only be viewed under a (long wave) UV lamp. Can be used on carpets, tiles, doorknobs, file cabinets, plastics, wood paper, envelopes.

*ENVELOPES Clue spray turns paper temporarily translucent allowing the user to view the contents of an envelope without ever opening it.