ID – 3000 Skanner

The ID-3000™ is a unique product designed to cut your losses and increase your profits. The ID-3000™ will identify counterfeit Canadian and U.S. Bank Notes and Other Foreign Currencies. It will also identify Bank Credit CardsTravellers ChequesGift CertificatesPassportsDrivers LicensesPersonal and Company Cheques, and many other sensitive or negotiable documents.



Helps Detect:

  • Canadian Counterfeit Bills

  • New US Bank Notes

  • Bank Credit Cards

  • Travellers Cheques

  • Gift Certificates

  • Retail Sales Slip containing Security Ink

  • Cheques: Business and Personal

  • World Currencies & Passports

  • Documents containing Security Ink


Benefits & Features:

  • Exclusive adjustable hood and fully lined chrome
    reflector for maximum light intensity

  • Simply plug in and switch on

  • Scan one or a handful of bills at once

  • Gives instant results, works continuously

  • Average life of bulb is 7,500 hours

  • Designed & manufactured in Canada

  • CSA & UL Certified

Its visible presence will act as a deterrent against counterfeit passers. The ID-3000™ should be kept at every point of purchase where cash, credit card and cheque transactions are made.