Counterfeit Detector Pen

Works instantly!!
For Canadian & U.S. bills and most worldwide currencies.

  • Works on Canadian Journey Series Bills & U.S. Bills (after 1959).

    • Should be kept at every cash register and point of sale
    • Will verify even the newest and most sophisticated counterfeit bills of any denomination
    • Simple, quick and easy to use. Will test at least 8,000 bills
    • Use wherever cash transactions are made
    • Fits easily into a purse or pocket. Can be used anywhere and by anyone

How to use: Simply mark bill with pen, a light or dark mark will appear on bill to indicate its legitimacy.

Pale yellow mark indicates currency is good

Black/brown mark indicates currency is suspect

Don’t be fooled by any imitation or look-a-like pens.
International patented Counterfeit Detector Pen