Company Profile


 SecuriSource Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of security products specializing in counterfeit and fraud detection. SecuriSource Inc., founded in 1993, has over 25 years of experience in Fraud Prevention, Security Training, Consultation and Technical Support.

 SecuriSource Inc.has the solution against counterfeiting which has become the white collar crime of the new millennium.


SecuriSource Inc. … a company dedicated to the fight against counterfeit and fraud. Our Research and Development department continues to develop and patent new products as fast as technology changes to help identify counterfeit bank notes, credit cards and other sensitive and negotiable documents.

We continue to offer quality made products of the highest caliber to our customers. SecuriSource Inc. continues to provide excellent customer service, always being sensitive to it’s customers needs and confidentiality, in combating losses through counterfeit and fraud.


Protect your business from accepting and becoming another victim to counterfeit currency, bogus cheques, fake credit cards and fraudulent government documents. Don’t be victimized! A small and equally wise investment can save your business time and money.